About Mead

Mead is the oldest known type of alcohol according to historical records.

In its simplest form, mead is fermented honey water. Honey, mixed with water and yeast. The US government does not have a specific tax category for mead so it is considered a wine, and the term honey wine is also a common term. There are also many types of mead other than the traditional mead. Any added ingredient or mixture with basic mead has its own category, be it fruit, herb, or other fluids.

If you’re wondering what mead tastes like, it does not taste like wine. It really should taste like honey, and whatever else may be added for additional flavors. The flavor of the honey will depend on the type of flower it is based on. The fermentation process changes the flavor profile of the honey as well, bringing out aromas and flavor notes that may not be noticeable from tasting the honey itself. Mead does not require sulphites, and thus is less likely to induce headaches.