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Gobnait Gold is our flagship mead. It is a traditional mead made with clover honey and aged in neutral oak barrels. The title refers to St. Gobnait, a 6th century Irish woman who is the patroness of honey and beekeepers.

The Taste: It has a sweet honey nose, reminiscent of the scents found in a large meadow of clover while hinting at some wildflower influences as well. The taste brings a well rounded flavor laying over the tongue with sweet honey notes while finishing off the back of the tongue with subtle oak tones. These oak tones come from being aged in neutral white wine barrels. This beautiful profile keeps the honey flavor as the center piece of the experience. Gobnait Gold’s flavor allows the drinker to be adventurous. While it is wonderful as a stand alone drink, it also has great pairing qualities with light meats such as fish or chicken. It can accompany simple salads to achieve a wonderful and light meal experience. This nectar of the gods can also be added to cocktails such as a mint mojito to offer a unique take on a classic cocktail.

The honey used is produced by Sweet Bee Honey Company.

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12.50% Alc. Vol | 750 ml bottle

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