About Us

Who is Blaqmead:

We are a new meadery operating in the Walla Walla Valley on the Oregon side. We are also relatively new to brewing in general, and making mead is a new passion for us. Blaqmead consists of the two owners, Anthony Cooksley and Karl Shaw, two business partners that have been operating various business ventures since 2019.

Why mead:

Mead is an up-and-coming phenomenon in our area and Blaqmead is the only local producer of it. Karl had been buying mead online and was frustrated by the lack of local availability. This prompted us to start brewing mead at home, and Blaqmead was started in August 2023. We released our first label Gobnait Gold in November 2023, a traditional mead with a hint of sweetness. We have other labels coming out in 2024. All our honey is locally produced.

Who are we:

Anthony Cooksley spent much of his career in mechanics and upholstery, until 2019 when Blaqwood was launched and we began offering CNC and laser engraving services.

Karl Shaw operated Shaw Entertainment Studios since 2014, offering graphic design and programming services. In 2023 Shaw Entertainment Studios was renamed to Blaqweb and merged with Blaqmead’s parent company Blaq Tower LLC.